Alright ladies and gents here goes my first attempt at a blog. What better forum to discuss than one of my favorite shows; The Challenge. Before I get going I want to put this out there: I am a fan of many on this show and I also disagree with moves, words said and actions of the same people I consider myself a fan of.

I listen to a few podcasts dedicated to The Challenge includingThe Saniac Podcast, Challenge Mania and Love War Challenges. I try to keep an open mind regarding many of the cast and will readily admit I have a biased opinion on some. I follow many of them on Instagram but I do not have Twitter so I do not keep up on that drama llama sorry, not sorry.

I am writing this the day before the second episode of the final of War of the Worlds 2, not sure when it will be posted so bear with me. Where do I begin?

Let me begin with those remaining on the UK team (I’m starting with them because I want them to win).

Team UK

Chris “CT” Tamburello 

Probably one of my ALL TIME favorite competitors. I was appalled when he was not selected for the US team in the beginning of the season. However, that quickly faded when I realized that he was sitting pretty on team UK being the King Vet on that team. Mind you, I realized this episode one and so did my 17-year-old daughter. We were able to see that he was going to be, essentially, running that team. 

I have been watching this show since the dawn of it, literally since season one at the ripe age of 16. CT has made the biggest impact on my memory. This man has been THROUGH it all on our TV’s for us all to watch him grow into the man he is today. 

CT MTV team uk challenge

While I enjoyed the young, cut, fiery CT that had no problem throwing hands with someone that came at him sideways; I especially enjoy this refined, mature, dad bod CT that knows the politics of the game and what he needs to do to get to the end. He has paved the way for people to fear what he is always capable of without having to put it on full display — Bananas backpack anyone? 

Which brings me back to episode one: I understand why Jordan was lobbying against picking CT, the dad bod and the wonder of “is he really able to compete like CT is known for?” 

Now let’s fast forward to the day before the final. CT has run team UK but is he running it correctly? Umm, no. Has he played this team to create a favorable outcome for himself? That’s debatable. Did he show that “old CT” is still in there when he said “nope, I’m on my own” with the swimming challenge? Yup, he sure did. Did he finally see the light when he protected Tori going into the final? YESSS. We finally got the CT that plays the game for himself. 

I am sure you can see that the bias I already acknowledged is clear and present with this man. I have no shame. 

CT MTV team uk challenge final

Now, in the first leg of the final we see a tingle of the old CT when he does a “choo choo” going by the US team which I giggled at but was unnecessary. On the flip side of that, I would have felt compelled to do the same thing after being taunted trying to get past a gassed out US team.  

CT MTV team uk challenge

CT has readily admitted he does not want to see an elimination and for some cast members this is okay to say. He is one of them in my opinion. Because here is the deal when it comes to CT: he turns up when he needs to, albeit he has failed and gassed out plenty. Dad bod aside; CT is strong AF.He can swim and he always will be an intimidating opponent. I could seriously keep going when it comes to him, but I will stop right there…..for now.

Rogan O’Connor 

The only true Brit left on team UK. I don’t even know where to begin with my thoughts on this one. I will put this out there; Rogan has surprised me. I honestly forgot for a bit that he nutted out on the rock of Gibraltar because he was essentially one of the lost Cheerios in my cereal bowl, like many others that have drifted off before him. 

rogan vendettas episode 1 gibraltar purge

However all of us watching have been repeatedly reminded that he was once there and failed. It’s been his story for most of this season. The thing that has surprised me the most is that he has somehow managed to avoid an elimination. How? Because he’s friends with the “right” people. 

Him not seeing an elimination has been one of the things that has made me want to punch his face while I pause it on my DVR until I realize I don’t want to buy a new TV. Suck it up Sally and go in and prove what you think you have. He hasn’t done an elimination because he is scared and rightfully so. The elimination might take more than the rock of Gibraltar, see I can throw it out there more than once too. 

The UK team initially looked like it was something that could stack up against the US team, sort of, maybe on the guys side? Okay, maybe not. I do not mind looking at his face and I have been a fan of some of the one liners he has delivered this season. 

I do not enjoy the tail between the legs game play he is giving us and would like to see a seriously explosive performance from him as opposed to an “oh he’s hanging in there” type of player. 

Is he using Dee? Is it genuine? I have no clue. Did he skate to this final at the expense of his team and his friends? I think so.

Dee and Rogan MTV

Dee Nguyen 

Let me start with saying I didn’t much care for her last time we saw her on our screen. Now this season I’m questioning myself on why I didn’t really care for her. Then she cries and I remember why. It has nothing to do with her crying, because I cry a lot. It’s what leads up to the crying and knowing that she should have been on the proving grounds before most of the girls that went down there, I digress. 

Here we are in the finals and CT summed it up best referring to her as “the little engine that could.” Dee very much has a “I’ll prove you wrong” attitude and I’m digging it. 

Dee Nguyen War of the Worlds 2 Final MTV

She won me over and I can officially call myself a Dee fan after last week’s episode when put her body out there carrying the gurney and gave zero effs about passing by Natalie. I kid you not, she got a single clap from me when she did that. My daughter let out a “damn Dee” and laughed. 

I appreciate the full circle she has made, from being a rock in the water to working on her swimming and no longer being the worst swimmer in the house. Kudos girl, way to do what many don’t do: working on weakness. 

I was on the fence and not sure what to think for much of the season but she has managed to win me over toward the end. I will be curious to see what she does in the future.

Tori Deal 

I honestly don’t have much negativity with this ray of sunshine. I know some people find her a bit “extra” in her confessionals. Here’s my spin on this: she is letting out what she may be containing in the house in an attempt to minimize the target on her more than it obviously already is. It’s clear many of the girls are completely threatened by her presence. 

I mean c’mon her comment about the math problem was hilarious. Where she wasn’t sure if she should pat herself on the back or question the mental capacity of her team. Tori calms the Jordan wildfire as best she can but she is only one woman, chill out. 

tori deal challenge war of the worlds 2

I think Tori came in at the bottom of the totem pole because of guilt by association. You see, she is not able to be nasty to anyone, so she enters a room ready to love up whoever is around. I am not sure that she has a malicious bone in her body.

Jordan Wiseley 

Jordan? Umm Jordan. He’s the competitor you love to hate and hate to love. I mean he has so many moments of verbal diarrhea that you sit and wonder “does this man not have a fuckin filter?” These are the moments where you tilt your head to the side like a dog and have to wonder just what in the ever loving gremlin hell does Tori see in this man? And then he does a proverbial athletic bitch slap in your face and makes you realize that he is able to back up all the diarrhea that spews from his mouth.  

jordan mtv challenge war of the worlds 2 final

Yes, he has a past that casts more shade than the elephant graveyard in the Lion King but there is also plenty that he has exhibited that if you cannot appreciate; are you really watching though? 

Jordan is an athlete physically and mentally. I’m talking mental assassin. I would enjoy watching him in a WSOP (World Series of Poker) event and watch him pick apart a person’s tell and bring home money there too. Like him or hate him, you are not a true Challenge fan if you don’t respect the level of play he is able to provide.

Team UK Final Thoughts 

I don’t think there was a moment in that episode where any of them were whining about the weight of what they were carrying or the amount of times that they were having to carry it. Not a single one of the men turned into bitch boys whining about carrying more than once. Let’s remember that all three of those men carried that thing for the FULL 16 MILES. Not a single one of them pissed and moaned, not one whined, not one complained about having to do it. They just went in and DID WORK.

Team UK MTV challenge war of the worlds 2 final

I was jaded at the end of the episode when they play TJ announcing that there is only room for four from each team for the last leg of the final. Challenge Gods can it be five? Because the final five that are left on the UK team all deserve money from what they just stomped out in that first part of the final. Also, while I am doing a shout out to the Challenge Gods, since you are bringing in Big Brother competitors let me just put this out there: they have a 24 hour feed, why not carry that over also? I mean it would eliminate the cast coming off and complaining about bad edits if there is a 24-hour feed that the keyboard warriors can go in and find proof of situations taking place. That’s just my opinion on that.

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