Tori Deal Interview!

Join us this Monday as we sit down with the one and only TORI DEAL! Shanni can't stop "woo-wooing" and Zach can't stop shaking in his boots. Safe to say this is an absolute MUST for all our Saniacs. Bring snacks!

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Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Monday, June 29, 2020

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Tori Deal stopped by to talk to us and in the process made all of Shanni’s dreams come true. This conversation covered a lot of different topics. We spoke about her relationship with Camila, the recent conversations between Jordan and Nia, Tori’s appearances on AYTO/The Challenge, her love of poetry, SuiHeart Club, her upcoming children’s books and most hilarious of all…Tori directly confronts Zach about some of the comments he made about her on previous episodes. We also confessed our love for AYTO Second Chances and Champs Vs Pros. Not to be missed.

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