1) Josh already won 500,000 dollars. How much money does his family need?

2) We need to have more heights challenges again that aren’t just for trivia. Fear and falling awkwardly are two things I need to see more of.

3) Since when does trivia have multiple choice? That completely ruins it for viewers to laugh at ridiculous answers.

4) These trivia questions have been ridiculously easy regardless of the multiple choice options.

5) Oh, Nelson… Your stupidity strikes again and supplies us with plenty of laughter.

6) “Your mother.” *cuts to commercials* To whomever edited the show, “your mom” is not a serious insult to anyone out of middle school. I was not waiting intensely for the laugh that TJ was obviously going to give.

7) Well they’ve made it abundantly clear who exactly is going into elimination this episode.

8) People like to call Kyle a snake, but he has consistently shown loyalty to the people he truly wants to align with.

9) Out of all the boys left, Bananas is the worst at eliminations. I’d choose to go against him over anyone else.

10) I’ve seen all these people saying that Wes through the elimination. If he did, it wasn’t obvious. It seems fans are just mad that Bananas won.

11) Anyone with eyes already knew that Wes and Bananas like each other as friends even before this season.

12) I hope all the men regret easily letting a six time champion into the final.


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