1) If Melissa and Nany really wanted red skulls that badly, they wouldn’t have waited so long. They can’t blame anyone but themselves.

2) Is hanging on someone with a girlfriend and constantly flirting with them considered respecting their relationship? I guess kissing is okay too. Kaycee’s girlfriend won’t be upset at aaallll.

3) Sounds like Jenny knows what she’s saying. Maybe they should listen to her. Plans need to adapt. If Jenny can figure it out before Rogan, so be it.

4) Love how the men are allowed to speak while the women are silenced.

5) From the female rookies, Bayleigh has proven time and time again to be the best of them. She has smarts and strength.

6) I don’t think this should be a big debate for Kaycee. If it someone in your alliance vs someone not in it, it’s an easy choice.

7) Maybe Kaycee is the playing the long game. I would rather go against Nany or Melissa in a final than Bayleigh.


8) I don’t think Bayleigh was pouting. She was sad. She was crying. She was trying not to start sobbing in front of everyone.

9) I understand Bayeligh is upset, but she can’t blame Nany. Kaycee made this decision herself. Nany didn’t force her.

kaycee nany mtv challenge total madness

10) Bayleigh, go after Kaycee all you want, but Nany is not deserving of this right now.

11) I have seen the clip where Kaycee does in fact tell Bayleigh that Bayleigh is her type, so Kaycee is looking like the liar to me.

12) I’m sure Kaycee and Bayleigh were just friends. Nany and Kaycee are also just friends…

13) We’ve seen Melissa in a physical elimination. She’s aggressive and doesn’t always fight fair. I don’t think Nany will win.

14) I’m not sure I fully understand this elimination. Shouldn’t only the first person to drop the skull in their basket get the point?

15) Nany put a good fight.


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