1) You have to enjoy watching other people’s drunk decisions.

2) Yeah, bad boy or fireman would be my exact thought if someone sprayed a fire extinguisher on me. *Insert sarcastic eye roll*

3) Fessy’s reaction to Bear spraying the girls is a whole mood. I’m certain I would’ve looked the same.

4) Bear would’ve pissed me off too. Even if I was sober. That still doesn’t warrant spitting on him or anyone ever! Spitting on someone is an ultimate low.

5) I agree with Mattie that what Ashley did was disgusting and she had every right to call Ashley out on that. Although saying that Ashley had worse in her mouth was wrong too. It didn’t seem like a joke and Ashley was obviously already worked up. It wasn’t the right time for that.

6) Ashley made a low blow but Mattie made one first.

7) This is between Mattie and Ashley. Nany, sit your butt down.

8) Camera crew, you guys did Nelson dirty for showing all that snot falling out his nose.

9) This challenge didn’t seem well thought out considering the hypothermia.

10) Big T stopped letting herself get manipulated by Ashley just to start getting manipulated by Johnny.

11) The tribunal was trying to be intimidating. It was surprising to see Big T and Aneesa act that way. It’s expected from Bananas and Bear.

12) What Wes and Dee are doing is not cheating but it’s a bit unfair. On the other hand, it’s also unfair to have an Australian figure out seasons for a show that doesn’t air in her country.

13) I knew Ashley wasn’t going to leave so pleasantly.

14) It was refreshing to see an elimination between two good players this early on into a season.

15) I didn’t have much to say about this episode, but I still enjoyed it!

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