1) It was kind of fake for Dee to throw Ashley’s name tag on the ground if they were supposed to be friends.

2) Big T, ma’am, you are black. We do not mess with ghosts!

3) Josh may be one of the few people to stand up to Wes when they were still a rookie. Wes isn’t used to that.

4) Jordan needs to learn to hold his tongue sometimes. If it isn’t affecting you, hush.

5) Wes did escalate it by getting that close to Jordan while having his body closed off.

6) Are they drunk? I see no other reason why you’d put a salami in someone’s face and tell them to talk into your dick.

7) It seems this season, Wes is the one threatened by people.

8) Everyone: We’re mad at Jordan, so let’s insult Tori!

9) People tried to say Bayleigh and Tori are the same about defending their men. It’s not the same. Bayleigh will do it every time over minor things. Tori only does it in extreme cases like with Turbo.

10) I’ll be honest, I had my doubts about Swaggy being able to get the math problem correct. Good for him!

11) Oh, Cory… It’s time you get down to the needy greedy.

12) Kailah needs to pipe down. If it was her going into elimination every single time, she’d be mad too and have every right to be.

13) I hope Bear gets the same backlash from fans that Cara did when she seduced Paulie, but I know he won’t.

14) This is the most we’ve ever heard from Kaycee. She had 5 whole sentences!

15) Stop sleeping on Josh!!! I truly believe in him.

16) I’m proud of Josh for not letting Wes’ belittling get to him.

17) Balls In is a great elimination! Sadly, it’s very dependent on size. I’m not having high hopes for Jay this time.

18) Balls In was already a fan favorite. No one needed the ball to be on fire to continue to enjoy it.

19) Rogan is a poor sport.

20) I’m betting Jay is fine.


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