1) Are you guys going to keep sleeping on Josh?

2) Okay, Rogan. You finally proved yourself. I respect it.

3) Dee is proving herself too. I’m so proud of her and Rogan. They needed this to prove naysayers(like myself) wrong.

4) Did anyone else notice Ashley’s RBF throughout this entire competition?

5) Big T, you should’ve watched some other seasons. You’d know that Ashley is just using you.

6) Nany and Asaf hooking up was inevitable.

7) I wish they’d mention that Tori and Asaf were on the same Are You the One season for fans that don’t know.

8) Is Ashley really one to talk about Nany liking all men?

9) I’m shocked we haven’t had a bunch of annoying confessionals from Swaggy yet.

10) Bayleigh, no one in the Challenge house is threatened by you.

11) Wes got really worked up for one vote that won’t even get him sent in.

12) I’ve been waiting for Wes and Bananas to do this! Yes, please work together! Switch it up for the viewers.

13) I haven’t heard “TYB” mentioned yet.

14) Also not mentioned is Morgan cheating on Jay with Bananas. Come on Challenge! Remind us of the connections new players already have.

15) The tribunal is so overdone now.

16) Asaf and Jay were both the male rookies I was rooting for. It’s sad that one has to go.

17) Good job, Jay! He had a strategy from the beginning. That’s the making of a good challenger.

18) I’ve waited YEARS for Asaf to get on the Challenge. Now he finally is and got eliminated first?!?! Bring him back next season!

19) I can’t wait to see how the red skulls change people’s gameplay.

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