1) CT is scared and trying to make other people scared with him.

2) I like the fire Big T has come back with!

3) This is another case of a rookie needing to do research before coming on the show. Jenn, do not go getting feelings for Rogan! It’s for your own good, girl.

4) Why is Tori’s hand over Dee’s mouth? Does Dee not possess the abilities to spy on Rogan without help?

5) Since the crates aren’t different weights, it’ll be an unfair disadvantage for teams with two females. Bananas with Nany and Aneesa, stand no chance.

6) Josh is carrying two crates?! When are fans going to stop sleeping on him? At this point, I’d choose to be paired with him over multiple other challengers.

7) There’s something about Jenn that I don’t like…

8) Ashley’s performance is disappointing. You don’t have to do well. You just have to try hard.

9) I want to hate on Jordan’s timing but I’ve played many games that you need to get perfect timing for things. I’m terrible at it. I’d undoubtedly be even worse with throwing something out of a helicopter.

10) With all that said, Jordan should take accountability for his own crapiness. He can’t be amazing all the time.

11) If I were a girl and felt pretty safe from the tribunal, I wouldn’t vote Jenn for house vote. I’d want to save her for when I had to go into elimination.

12) Dee is stupid for still having this crush on Rogan when he continuously shits on her. Girl, it’s on camera. Do I need to send you a video compilation to jog your memory?

13) Poor child (Jenn). You were not ready for this show.

14) I just did the most ugly cackle to Aneesa’s face at the start of Jenn’s speech.

15) There’s that asshole in Wes again. He knew he voted for Jenn first just to be cruel.

16) I’m hoping Jenn will be petty enough to kiss/hook up with Rogan before her elimination.

17) Just because Dee won with Jordan last season, doesn’t mean she needs to be loyal to him this season. I respect Dee for being upfront with Tori about her decision.

18) Jordan could be right about Dee playing a Wes-like game. He did train her. Wes isn’t really about loyalty.

19) Did Swaggy just talk in third person? Let’s evict him from the Challenge.

20) Okay, it’s  confirmed. Dee is playing like Wes. Dee, you made Tori a promise too. Own that. You still have to choose between Jenny and Tori but acknowledge that you did in fact make a promise to Tori too.

21) Jenn must not seem completely terrible of a competitor if Dee is worried about losing to Jenn in elimination.

22) Does someone have a list of most boring eliminations? Please add this one to that list.

23) Yep, Ashley said exactly what I was thinking. Throwing the strongest female against the worst and thinking that was good strategy.


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