1) Jay is giving me some fuck boy vibes that I hadn’t noticed before. I still like him though.

2) You have to be a special kind of narcissist to use a blanket with your own face on it.

3) Ashley does always play the same game, but Bananas does too. As does Wes.That’s kind of the downside of the Challenge always bringing back the same people.Vets don’t switch it up.

4) I don’t have an issue with Ashley, but I hope Bananas does make her work to get to the final for once.

5) These seem like crocodile tears to make Jenny sympathetic of Ashley.

6) Maybe I was wrong on #5. I’ve never seen Ashley look meek before now while Bananas is taunting her. Ashley, you’re strong! Do not cower.

7) Is Swaggy’s photographic memory like Jenn’s on Fresh Meat 2? Non-existent.

8) As I suspected would happen, Swaggy’s “photographic memory” failed him.

9) Bayleigh takes no crap, and she’s strong willed. She was not going to compromise about Swaggy being in tribunal with her.

10) Jay really does look like Frodo. I can’t unsee this.

11) Jordan, I love you. Why’d you have to do a stupid throwaway vote on yourself?

12) I’m so confused how this vote turned on Nelson.

13) Lesson Kailah has now learned. Don’t tell Nelson anything.

14) I ship Wenanas

15) I don’t think Rogan is jealous of Jay. I do think Rogan is upset that he’s losing some of his hold over Dee.

16) Okay maybe I was wrong again! I respect Rogan calmly removing himself from the room with Dee and Jay. He expressed his feelings rationally too. He certainly is jealous.

17) Jay is a little pot stirrer.

18) CT’s elimination record is 5-4. That’s nothing to be overly intimidated by.

19) Both Jay and CT’s shelters look hard to get to in their own ways. I don’t know who will win.

20) The eliminations so far this season have been lackluster.

21) Everyone’s reactions are priceless right now.

22) Someone else reminded me of this. Episode one of Total Madness, CT threw Jay in elimination over Fessy because he thought Fessy could come back and beat him in elimination. Now look what happened? Don’t underestimate Jay.

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