1) We can act like Josh is stupid all we want but he’s the first one to notice that Swaggy and Bayleigh are working with Wes.

2) This season if full of strong females which doesn’t normally happen. Thank you casting for doing  better.

3) Wes created a monster.

4) Big T, you did prove yourself. You continued to show the heart we all knew you had.

5) Water? Tiny space? This seems like my kind of challenge.

6) “The medic saved me.” Sir, you had a left jacket on. You weren’t drowning. You didn’t need saving.

7) I think Swaggy’s whole team should be disqualified. It wouldn’t be fair to them but that’s what happens when you’re paired with quitters.

8) I can’t believe Zach gaslit Jenna so much that she’s blaming herself for seeing guys years ago when they were broken up.

9) Ashley is a snake but at least remains loyal to the Lavender Ladies. Dee has no loyalty at all.

10) I wonder if production had to pay Bananas more for all the counseling he’s giving everyone.

11) Josh makes sure to get that camera time every season.

12) Josh throwing the drink on Swaggy was a punk move. He knows he waited until Swaggy was further away so there would be time for security to get between them.

13) I’m glad we’re seeing Invasion of the Champions Kailah again. The girl who wasn’t scared and actually tried her best.

14) If you have to be eliminated, might as well be with your best friend.


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