veronica portillo

In the ever-going back and forth between the Challenge world and Cara/Paulie, Challenge OG Veronica Portillo chimes in with her two cents. Will Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore ever make amends with their fellow cast members? The spice in these tweets says no. 

Of course Cara Maria didn’t bite her proverbial tongue, taking her own shot at V and a few other recognizable ladies, as well as the rest of the Twitterverse. Cara also managed to insert herself into the Twitter Stan war against Mikey P, Kailah’s boyfriend. A war even a one hour Saniac interview can’t end.

It seems a lot of fans are growing tired of the constant back-and-forth, especially between adults.

And speaking of adults…age seems to be a popular topic/burn when it comes to V.

What do the Saniacs think? Is this battle even worthy of commentary? Let us know whose side you’re on.

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