EPISODE 2: Revenge Served Cold (War of the Worlds)

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Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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It seems MTV is emphasizing proper pacing for these episodes. While we didn’t love the daily and thought the elimination could improve, MTV is showing commitment to giving us both in one episode. We look forward to see what else Justin Booth and Bunim Murray Productions have come up with for MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds.


Recap Hit List:

  • Hunter and Wes’ preseason alliance
  • Nany and Turbo
  • Daily Challenge: Arms Are Gettin’ Tired
    • TJ’s laugh
    • Suspicious scoring and results
    • Tribunal concept
    • Matchups
  • The mumbo jumbo fight
    • All the moving parts and fight progression
    • Amanda’s bomb
    • The aftermath
  • Elimination: Drone Ball Drop
    • Tribunal voting
    • Did Ashley give up?
    • Matchup and results
  • Next week’s preview
Episode photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds
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