EPISODE 3: A Bruised Banana (War of the Worlds)

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Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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A great episode filled with tangents, fan shoutouts and of course a recap of the best War of the World’s episode thus far. MTV and Bunim Murray have definitely stepped it up from The Challenge Final Reckoning.


Recap Hit List:

  • The Relic twist
  • House relationships
    • Georgia and Bear
    • Cara and Paulie
      • Cara V Mattie
    • Zach and Jenna
  • Daily Challenge: Search and Destroy
    • Nostalgia for OG mud challenges
      • Old school CT bod
    • Female MVPs: Georgia and Ninja
    • Shaleen (?)
    • Zach’s blunder or Wes’ master plan?
  • Tribunal strategy
    • Kam’s “burn” vote
    • Amanda and Josh’s new social standing in the house
  • House drama
    • Amanda V Josh
    • Wes V Bananas
    • Bananas V Zach
  • Elimination: a Shanni Zach favourite
    • Was Zach the right choice?
      • A clear better option
    • The ‘legend’ exits
  • Predictions
Episode photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds

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