1) Leroy is not very good at the Challenge as we all know. With that being said, he IS really good at physical things when it comes to tossing someone around. I would not be quick to fight with him for a ball.

Leroy MTV

2) As we saw with Louise, track stars don’t always have the best endurance. They have quick sprints, so they don’t need amazing endurance. I’m curious if Theo will gas out like Louise has.

Theo Campbell

3) Ignoring Paulie’s personality, I think he’ll prove to be a great competitor. But he is not the one to beat. He’ll have to prove himself more before he can be considered one of the best.

4) It’s obnoxious whenever Cara or Paulie talk about having sex with one another. They’re old enough to know to keep their sex life to themselves.

Cara Maria

5) I’ve never understood the point of taking your shirt off because you won or if you want to fight someone. If someone could explain that logic to me, I’d appreciate it.

6) Only Kyle would worry about hookups while struggling with a puzzle.

7) I’m not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me, but Chase looks a bit battered in his interview. Was that from his tussle with Leroy or will he be in the first elimination?

8) Gus already looks ready to cry in his interview.

9) Out of the rookies(male and female), my least favorites are Josh and Gus. I’ll be happy with whicher one of them has to go home.

10) If one of the twins weren’t separated now, they’d be separated soon enough. No one would allow sisters, let alone twins, to remain on the show together.

Nolan twins

11) The image of Paura was unsettling.

Paulie and Cara

12) Morgan knows what she’s doing by approaching Bananas. She clearly knows he’s the face of the challenge. I guess it slipped her mind that he’s also been the biggest target for the past few seasons.

13) Nany is clearly flirting with Bananas, but I didn’t see him initiate anything himself. After having also flirted with Chase, I suspect that Nany may be trying to polidick herself through this season.

14) I don’t know anything about Alan. He seems like a bit of a wallpaper, but I want him back! I always want people back that continue to compete when injured.

Alan Valdez

15) Okay, Cara we get it. You guys have a lot of bomb ass sex.

16) Turbo’s accent is so hot! I’ve seen people complain about the accents, but I’m here for it.

Turbo Survivor

17) Currently, Bananas is a bigger liability than Wes. Although Bananas seems to have more allies this time around than he has the past couple of seasons so perhaps that’ll change.

18) I’m shocked that Jenna was one of the last people chosen. She’s not the best but she certainly isn’t the worst. Plus she has really good ties with people in the house that’ll help them socially.

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