1) If there’s so many guys hotter than Kyle, why’d you get with him, Cara?


2) Props to Georgia for being the first person to wrestle for a ball. I’m glad she isn’t a timid rookie.

Georgia Amanda MTV

3) This may have been partially due to editing but it seemed Shaleen gave that ball up without much of a fight.

4) Kyle was just brushing up on his hurdling skills with humans instead of hurdles it seems.

5) Julie had a smile on her face while her balk was being taken by Ninja. I guess losing doesn’t feel as bad when it’s to a ninja warrior.

Ninja Georgia MTV

6) Ninja and Georgia have so much fight in them already. I can’t wait to see more of them throughout the season.

Georgia Harrison

7) All the soccer players have so much agility that help them in challenges like this.

8) Morgan chose Bananas because she thought he’d be a free ride to the end. She failed to remember that he’s been the biggest target the past few seasons. Her mistake.

9) I don’t recall Amanda ever using reverse psychology. If she did, I don’t feel it was successful.

10) Amanda didn’t need to come be that rude to Josh just because she didn’t want to hear the truth.

Josh Amanda MTV

11) Bananas is being a brat. You knew Wes would come for you sooner or later. Get over it.

MTV Challenge

12) This episode Bananas is acting worse than a woman scorned. I hope he apologized to Zach after filming.

13) I’ve never believed in the curse after stealing money but I may have to since Ashley and Bananas lost back to back.

Hunter Ashley MTV

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