1) If this isn’t the type of challenge for a ninja, I don’t know what is.

Natalie Ninja

2) The one time Shaleen gets screen time, she falls immediately.

3) JP just won my heart by telling Natalie she could count on him.

4) It’s such a nice switch from last season seeing CT being supportive of his partner. Julia makes it easier though since she actually tried unlike Veronica.

CT Veronica

5) I’m going to be on of many people who are going to say their shocked that Gus didn’t cry about hitting his face. Shoot, I would’ve cried myself.

Gus Jenna MTv

6) I didn’t know we had two ninjas on this season. Natalie and Turbo.

7) I don’t normally stan, but I may stan Georgia.

Georgia Harrison

8) Nany has some balls going after CT. Good for her.

Nany MTV

9) There’s something about Ninja Natalie I don’t like. I can’t place my finger on it just yet though.

10) When Paulie gets mad, he gets the craziest eyes that weird me out.

11) First Zach betrays Bananas. Now he’s talking crap about Cara behind her back. Has he always been so two faced or is he acting like this because of other people in the house? Either way it’s not a good look.

12) Georgia and Bear so far have been much more likable than any other Challengers who called themselves Joker and Harley Quinn.

Georgia Bear MTV

13) If that isn’t a threat, what is it? Kyle shouldn’t try to pick in what he deems a weak girl.

14) Paulie is getting all hyped up to impress Cara, and it seems Cara is erring hyped to impress Paulie back. They both need to chill. It’s not that serious.

15) Turbo reminds me of my dad. Thick accent, soft spoken, and overly long explanations for things.

Mean Girls

16) Kyle isn’t so bad. I respect him for not picking Cara since she saved him before.

17) Natalie needs to stop running her mouth. I highly doubt that Kyle chose because she’s small.

18) These rookies aren’t playing any games this season. I’m here for it.


19) If some of you saw my post in Challenge Talk recently, I said Mattie has yet to prove herself to be a beast that everyone complained she was. Now she has. Good for her tossing all the girls around.

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