1) My face mirrored Amanda’s when Josh asked for affection.

2) I’m terrified for everyone, and I’m not even scared of heights.

Challenge MTV

3) Why is Gus speaking on Jenna’s behalf? If she wants Amanda in, she should say it herself.


6) Da’Vonne is a strong woman, so she needs to stay strong with an alpha male trying to force her arm.


7) “Killa” Kam may not come back if she has a completely fair elimination. We haven’t seen much of that with her.

8) Jenna shouldn’t save Amanda. Jenna shouldn’t save Cara. Jenna needs to get them both out. They both wronged her, so she can go after both.

9) Because we’re a good enough chunk into the season, I’ll excuse Josh crying.

Josh Martinez

10) Oh goodie. Now we get a hear more about “Killa” Kam as she ignores the fact that she only won because Josh lost.

Challenge MTV

11) Okay, Josh. Stop being creepy. Amanda doesn’t want you.

Amanda Josh MTv

12) I’m not usually Josh and Amanda fans, but they were likable episode.


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