1) Gus wants the money for his family he constantly complains about on Floribama Shore?

2) If it was so easy for Georgia to overhear Bear’s conversation this time, why hadn’t she heard him before now?

Georgia Cara Maria

3) People need to stop coming on the Challenge if they don’t already know how to swim.

Jozea MTV

4) Da’Vonne should quit since they’re in last just like Bear did.

Da'vonne MTv

5) Is there anything Turbo isn’t good at?

6) I wish editing would’ve showed us more of Dee and Kam (the non-swimmers). I would’ve like to have seen how much they struggled or succeeded.

7) Wes is getting power hungry. The way he acted towards Hunter, Georgia, and Bear were unnecessary.

Wes Bear

8) The way Hunter talked to Georgia and how Bear manipulated her were both so disgusting.

9) Off camera, Hunter and Ashley weren’t too miserable last season…

10) Sadly, Hunter is right. Georgia does listen to whatever Bear says.

Bear Georgia

11) Gus’ strategy is to hit Bear straight in the mouth? I don’t think he understands how this elimination is supposed to work.

Bear Gus

12) Jena didn’t seem like she had much fight in her.

13) I’ve always loved Da’Vonne’s personality and thought she was a decent competitor. This season is proven that she’s not just decent but good.

Jenna Da'vonne


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