1) “Good job champ,” is such a dad thing to say. I would not want to hear it after sex.

Mattie Kyle

2) Does someone count as an your only ally when you’re forced on you through partnership?

3) I hear walking on someone’s back can be such a good massage.

Georgia Bear

4) I can recall seeing people recently saying that Wes does not lie…hmmm.

Hunter Wes

5) The problem with Hunter is that, while he’s good, he often has a large target on his back, combined with his lack of intelligence and smarts, he doesn’t win that often. When he does something well, he gets overly cocky. He needs to chill with that.

6) What’s with all of them using “ally” instead of “partner?”

7) If you constantly have to talk about the sex, it’s usually because you aren’t enjoying it or aren’t secure with the relationship.

8) I got the Frodo reference, Kyle!


9) This daily challenge almost seems too easy unless you make a silly mistake.

10) After I typed my last comment  out, Wes and Dee’s turn comes up and turn me into a liar.

Wes Dee

11) Alright, I understand now why Wes made his twitter post. It was so that it didn’t look like he mentioned her parenting skills out of nowhere.

Wes Bergmann

12) Getting all 16 rings automatically means you didn’t drop any, Kam.

13) Why is it suspicious for Hunter to nominate Hunter but not vice versa?

14) Cara has to be one unhappy person to constantly attacking a guy who seems to be minding his own business most the time.

Kyle Mattie Cara

15) I couldn’t tell if Nany was being standoffish in the tribunal since it isn’t a good situation or if she was kind of acting entitled.

16) A young buck just won last season…

Hunter MTV

17) Hunter is stupid. Why not save your friends if you can?

18) At least Kam wasn’t been upside down when she puked.

19) I spoke too soon again…


20) Paulie is a fierce competitor but has he met Turbo?


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