Weston Bergmann Interview!

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Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Friday, March 15, 2019

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Wes has appeared on 15 total challenge seasons including spin-offs, he boasts a combined 27 daily challenge wins, 19 elimination wins, 6 final appearances, 2 challenge wins and more than $257,000 in prize money. Outside of the show, Wes has made quite the name for himself as an established entrepreneur, founding Betablox a startup incubator and accelerator, or Wes describes as really good advisors to make startups better faster guaranteed.

Interview Hit List:

  • His wedding, Brad’s wedding and CT’s wedding
  • Casey Cooper the legend
    • Casey V Danny V Kaitlyn
    • Casey & TJ dating rumor
  • Johanna and the infamous house deed
  • The OG ‘influencer’ money maker aka appearances
  • Top Challenge swimmers
    • Shane & Alex Smith
  • Rivals 1 dynamic
    • Evan’s real reason for wanting to face CT
    • Did Adam throw the final elim?
  • Svetlana V Beth Duel 1 elim
    • CT V Brad
  • TJ’s progression on hosting the Challenge
  • Shanni and Wes arguing over Fresh Meat’s format
  • Zach and Wes talk sports
  • Winner’s picking the order
    • Better modern twists with a similar concept
  • CAMEO: Paulie, Cara, Bootstrap
  • Young Wes’ first business ventures

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