1. I don’t blame Cara for not going to the engagement party. If she doesn’t like Jordan, why should she go?

2. I’m literally grinning at Zach’s speech. It was very thoughtful and genuine.

3. It’s over half way through the season and Rogan only just now realized that he should throw in weak players in order to win?

rogan mtv

4. I think this challenge would’ve been better with no defender and harder obstacles.

5. Ninja is definitely better at individual challenges. Team are not for her.

6. So many hypocrites this season.

7. Bros before hos, Leroy.

Leroy and Nany

8. Leroy and Kam don’t need to pressure Nany into voting their way. They have the majority, so it doesn’t matter if Nany wants to do her own thing.

9. Cara is still mad Tori and Jordan got engaged before her.

10. Kam is overly controlling of Leroy.

11. Cara is only jumping in with those snide comments towards Nany because she knows she has backup.

12. New trio. Jogie!

13. CT grew a lot of balls this episode.

14. If Dee truly has endurance for days, she wouldn’t have almost passed out from trying to keep up with Tori.

15. That’s sad that there’s never been a girl Hawl Brawl until now. Girls can get physical too.

16. Jenny needs to get more aggressive!

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