1) I don’t know why they left the Turbo and Jordan argument as a cliffhanger last episode. It was anticlimactic.

2) Looks like Ashley and Cara’s plan to fire up Turbo backfired on them.

MTV Challenge War of the Worlds 2

3) Was Josh really wrestling Leroy for the ball? I know it might be hard to tell who’s who in the moment but Leroy is black and not 6’4…not sure who he’d get confused with…

4) Leroy stood no chance against Jogan. A for effort!


5) I actually thought Cara was going to win against Kayleigh and Dee. I think she’s the only female on both teams that could take on two girls at once in a physical challenge.

Dee Kayleigh

6) CT is playing such a scared game. It’s annoying.

7) Jordan, it’s too late to be acting nice and reasonable at a tribunal just because you want to save Tori. Everyone sees right through it.

8) I somewhat understand how Nany feels towards Leroy. 10 years of friendship. Isn’t that how long Jogan have been friends? Jogan wouldn’t do anything to help the other go into elimination. Nor would any of the shorter friendships like Dee and Ninja

On the other hand, it’s a game, and Leroy is just focused on getting himself further which is totally okay.

Leroy Nany MTV Las Vegas Real World Challenge

9) USA: We want to win!!!

Also USA: Let’s vote in our second strongest female!

Tori Deal MTV Challenge War of the Worlds 2

10) The weakest player (Josh) calling Leroy the weakest player. Hilarious!

11) UK: We want to win!!!

Also UK: We’re going to throw in our strongest girl!

Georgia Harrison mtv the challenge war of the worlds 2

12) Everything Georgia is saying to Joss about Kayleigh is accurate.

Kayleigh MTV War of the Worlds 2


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