1) I was worried Zach was going to injure himself from jumping on the catapult and not be able to complete the final.

2) US is rushing so much to be directly behind UK that they aren’t positioning the bags well, causing themselves more problems

3) Kam’s math problem didn’t even require her looking at the board. She should’ve been first done.

4) Cara has been in too many finals to be freaking out so easily.

5) US can’t be mad at Choo Choo CT when Paulie didn’t let him pass first.

6) Jordan mentioned they had to eat grasshoppers too but I didn’t see any. We should’ve been able to see the entire palette.

7) I can’t swallow big pills let alone a living, big grub worm.

*Zoomed out, I now see it’s not actually that large.

8) Ashley is a little badass.

9) Everyone’s stomach acids killed the worm quickly, so they aren’t stupid for that. Plus, none of them(excluding Cara) puked or freaked out after taking the worm down as a shot.

10) I like that Dee hyped up team UK after their penalty to make sure they didn’t lose their good, competitive energy.

11) Paulie could die and Cara, with no medical experience, will be the only reason he lives.

12) Paulie can’t expect for his team to wait for him and lose. He should do the right thing and quit.

13) Cara is reaching for ways to spin this positively in Paulie’s favor.

14) Paulie redeemed by doing the puzzle by himself.

15) Oh my gosh, is team USA stupid? Why would they have Paulie hold the gurney again? Especially, in the front with only Cara as help as the gurney is falling apart.

16) 10 minute penalty for breaking two rules? That math doesn’t check out.

17) Why wouldn’t they let Paulie have the bed first?

18) It’s sad that the people who did the most amount of work on Team USA are the ones who got purged.

19) I’m glad UK won. US did not deserve it.

20) This is why I like Paulie even when sometimes I shouldn’t. He put petty feuds aside and congratulated the winners without also putting them down. I respect that.


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