1)Ninja looks great! I love her dress.

2)We’re just going to act like Theo didn’t trip…

3)CT and Laurel had the least dramatic entrances. I feel it shows that they aren’t as desperate for attention as some others.


4)Oh Cara, stop telling these lies. Team USA had basically already lost before she did poorly on the puzzle. It’s okay to say it was Paulie’s fault. We won’t judge you.


5)Josh performs. He’s a decent competitor. He shouldn’t be slept on.

Josh Amanda Ashley Kam Elimination


6)Just going to drop this right here…

7)I wouldn’t have put it past Bananas to have hooked up Jenny, but Paulie’s reason for believing wasn’t the most sound rationale.


8)I feel that the some of the challengers think of their insults ahead of time to use at the reunion.


9)Is Cara really in the position to tell anyone else that they take the game personally?

10)That smirk Nany did after Jordan defended gave me life!


11)Josh and Paulie are arguing like third graders.


12)Why is Nicole even at the reunion? She brought absolutely nothing to the show. If I didn’t know any better, I’d thought she got eliminated the first episode with Sean.

13)Swaggy P doesn’t have enough diction to be the reunion host. I’m struggling to understand him.


14)Seems that Wes learned his lesson from last season with his lie about Da’Vonne threatening him.


15)Can people finally see that Wes and Bananas don’t actually hate each other? 

16)The face Bananas made at Paulie dancing was a mirror image of my own in that moment.

17)People would respect Cara so much more it she just admitted she shouldn’t have made a comment during Jordan and Tori’s engagement.


18)I understand Cara not going to their engagement party.


19)Paulie must’ve forgotten that he’s in a relationship with a cheater too.

20)Paulie had no reason to try to drag Tori down. If he wanted to go after someone, it should’ve been Jordan. Maybe even Justin’s for calling Cara salty. I like that. Switch it up and go after the host.


21)I never thought I’d see Laurel and Cara speak so civilly.

22)Paulie and Rogan are scum.

23)Cara can’t say anything against Paulie. She spews such BS to back him up, but he wouldn’t do the same for her.


24)I agree with Cara about how women shouldn’t attack men because they know won’t hit back, but I don’t think that’s what Nany was thinking when she did it.


25)”You wouldn’t have done shit, Cara.” Nany is speaking facts!

Nany Challenge

26)I hope fans give Jordan credit for admitting he shouldn’t have gotten in Turbo’s face.

27)On Challenge Mania, Kayleigh said she decided she was against Georgia while they were in the airport, just arriving to film the season.


28)Tori is a mature woman for calling Jordan out when he’s wrong. Cara should learn from her.

29)Ninja is being dramatic.

30)The reunion missed topics and controversies we would’ve wanted to get closure about.

-Zach yelling at Ninja.

-Leroy, Kam, and Nany drama.

-Georgia with possible blackface.

-Joss regretting throwing Georgia into elimination.

-How Paulie felt about Ashley telling Cara to leave him during the final.


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