1) This is the Challenge. No one is trustworthy.

2) Paulie and Josh are both right. Yes, Josh was manipulated by Laurel but Wes was often talking down to Josh.

3) Why does Ninja want to go off on Josh instead of Laurel? Probably because Josh isn’t intimidating like Laurel.

natalie ninja

4) Georgia is definitely stringing Josh along. She knows that boy is smitten and will keep her safe. Honestly, I’d do the same thing as her.

5) Esther doesn’t seem that far behind everyone.

6) I completely understand Ashley’s frustration with Bananas but because she’s a known quitter, this just adds to her track record.

7) The whole argument was hard to hear. The subtitles showed Paulie saying Nany’s name while he was yelling and that’s when she yelled back.

8) The argument didn’t feel bad enough to justify Nany trying to get physical with Paulie. If she had actually hit him, I hope she was ready to be hit back by him. Don’t put your hands on someone if you don’t want to get touched back. It doesn’t matter your gender.

9) Bananas and Laurel are terrible actors when it comes to throwing challenges. Everyone knew when Laurel tried on Cutthroat and everyone knew Bananas tried on Bloodlines.

10) Laurel is trying to play this season. Maybe a bit too hard too soon.

laurel notebook

11) Laurel was in the tribunal. Therefore, it was her decision to make to throw Wes into elimination.

12) I like chill, rational Paulie.

13) Laurel is becoming the female version of Wes. Talking down to people she deems weaker than her. Scaring people into submission. I’m not a fan of this.

laurel mtv

14) Dee is telling Georgia to think with her head and not her heart yet Dee is only thinking with her heart.

15) Throwing in Laurel could be good or bad for the UK team. On one hand, she’s one of the best female competitors and it’d be wise to get her out. On the other hand, she’s against her own team. At this point, she’ll go after a USA team member before a UK one.

Georgia Harrison Idris Dee

16) Kam and Laurel are both annoying during this argument. Kam is putting on her Killa Kam character to seem badass and Laurel keeps looking to Bananas to cosign for her.

17) Personally, I don’t care if anyone has premade alliances. I’m sure they all have them.

18) Umm Kam, do not compare yourself to Laurel. There is no comparison between you two.

kam mtv challenge

19) So many people talk about Cara’s negative energy that I feel it has to be true at this point.

20) Hate to break it to you Josh but you and Georgia are not turning into anything.

21) Does Kayleigh watch this show? How is Tori anywhere close to being better than Laurel and Cara Maria?

22) Laurel is too told and has done too many challenges for her to be acting obnoxious because of winning an elimination.

23) Love Laurel, but she deserved what she got.

Laurel Ninja Challenge


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