1) Turbo cheered for Georgia too but you know no one is going to call out Turbo like they do Josh.

2) Josh is right about them being hypocritical. Half of the USA team is in good with at least one UK member.

3) I do enjoy Rogan and Joss’ friendship, but just because they have been friends for many years, doesn’t make anyone else’s less legitimate.


4) Rogan and Joss need to get in tight with the other Brits because right now, I don’t think they’re in the majority. Theo, Bear, and Georgia are all close, and Georgia brings Nicole and Jenny with her.

5) I’m fairly grossed out by Laurel and Bear’s intertwined toes. Feet are gross. Hold hands instead.

6) Laurel should be wised up to the antics of a player by now.

nicole z mtv

7) I’m surprised CT didn’t volunteer to be speaker, so that he could get revenge on USA team.

8) We’re seeing a different Bear this season and it’s making me root for him more.

9) This seems like an interesting challenge to do but it’s underwhelming to watch on TV.

10) Well, looks like I was wrong about Rogan and Joss not being in the majority.

11) Josh is backpedaling on his word hard. The only reason he doesn’t want to throw Theo in is to help Georgia keep numbers on her side.

12) Yessss Laurel. Making big moves and stirring the pot. I love it!

13) People keep talking about Theo and Georgia trying to run the UK team, but it seems more like Rogan is.


14) Did Dee not learn from last season to stop jumping into things that do not involve her?

15) I understand that Wes is a good player for the USA team, Josh made the right move for himself. If someone kept trying to control me as Wes was doing to Josh, I’d turn against him too.

16) Did Wes even try that hard during elimination??? I saw no fight in him.

MTV Challenge War of the Worlds 2


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