Episode 14 Your Time is Gonna Come

We see them heading back to the bunker after the elimination per the usual of this season. The guys are talking about more eliminations and Josh drones on about wanting his red skull. We get it, you want your red skull but you haven’t bothered to volunteer, ask for the house vote, thrown yourself in or any of that. So just how much do you want that red skull Josh? The guys wonder if it could be a double elimination coming up and if it’s a female one then they know which red skull female competitor they are going to throw in. I mean I couldn’t run a final like these guys, but I would also not want to run one with Aneesa, no hate just there are some seriously strong women in that house that I would want to be paired with. This is supposed to be a single competition, though right? That was the point my husband made, and I had to remind him of previous finals where they rotated you through partners and some people drew the short end of the stick at the wrong times. I mean really with this show you never know what you are going to get. For example: a TRIbunal with SEVEN people….seriously MTV, are you even trying? Rant over, back to the show. Nelson is in his confessional after the Aneesa bash and he is feeling bad for her. We get a couple shows of Nelson being edited to be an ass and then we get him being a sweetheart. It’s like a light switch. I like this Nelson; he is sincere and has his loyalty.

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Aneesa makes a call to her mom and there is some playful energy there as momma is trying to prod information out of her daughter and where she is. I will freely admit I am a helicopter mom, and this would be me on the other end of that FaceTime call. I want to know all of the details all of the time. Fessy and Cory go to play some pool and Fessy is opening up about A LOT. I started getting emotional hearing him talk about how him and his family were treated after 9/11. At 12:58am they show Rogan running, Bayleigh snacking, some people sleeping and some trying to get to sleep. The alarm goes off and the lights are going. What is happening? Everyone is confused, Melissa needs to get her lashes one, Josh puts on his hat with his eye patches still on, Kyle wants to sleep, and Nelson’s face is a whole mood going into this. Some people seem really pumped up for this. It’s one in the morning, growing up my mom always told me nothing good happens after one in the morning. Disclaimer: my after bar parties proved she was wrong.

Everyone is dressed and out the door. TJ greets them and tells them they are about to compete to see who wants it most with Running Out of Time. Playing as individuals running back and forth filling your enemy’s barrels, filling that up. After a certain amount of time TJ will deliver a five-minute warning and you then need to be at your barrel ready to hold it up. The man and woman left standing holding their barrels will be the first two to make up the Tribunal and they will select the third person in there. Then drops it on them, double elimination. One man and one woman will be going home. Cory wants to win so he can be the only cast member to be in five Tribunals. Bayleigh just wants into Purgatory to get her red skull.

Horn blows and they are off to the races. Josh wants into the Tribunal to have his fate in his own hands. Nelson, Cory, Fessy and Josh team up to target Kyle first then Rogan and after that Johnny. Kyle sees all the weight in his barrel, and he’s frustrated. Kaycee drops her first one in Bayleigh’s and laughs. Kyle drops one in Josh’s barrel in front of him and Josh acts offended. Why are you offended Josh? You are literally doing the same thing to Kyle, except his is practically overflowing at this point. Again, we have a great musical selection of “Going the Distance.” Cory throws a piece in Johnny’s barrel and Johnny returns the favor. I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t all figure out the strategy of targeting the strongest people first. Jenny, I love you girl but your barrel should have been filled first by the women, then Kaycee’s.

Five minutes to go and not everyone is back yet. Horn blows and Nelson, Kyle and Aneesa aren’t back. Let’s be real, Kyle and Aneesa stood no chance to hold their barrels they were full. Rogan can’t even stand with his, it’s that full. Cory is feeling confident of how long he will be able to hold his up. Dee drops hers next, and my husband said “oh yeah she’s still on here.” I laughed out loud. Kaycee dropped hers, I’m not sure how much she was really trying to be honest. Jonny drops soon after. Melissa looks like she is either doing squats with hers or trying to get a better grip? Bayleigh drops hers and it is down to Melissa and Jenny. I don’t think there is a single piece in Jenny’s barrel and poor Melissa probably weighs as much as her barrel.

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Josh is whining to Cory and Fessy to let him win and let him get his red skull. At this point I was so annoyed with Josh I was ready to turn the TV off. The only thing that kept me watching was the potential of him going home. I am sure Josh is nice, but his edit makes him extra annoying. Johnny tries to play peacemaker and says “whichever one of you wins, put him in the f*cking Tribunal.” Then we hear Cory say “you’re good bro.” Josh wants to hear someone say that he will be put in the Tribunal. Now this is where you have to listen closely: Cory says “on my family you will get in the Tribunal,” and Fessy says “Yes, you’re going in bro.” Right away I knew what was going to happen here. I looked at my husband and said “Fessy said he’s going in, never said into the Tribunal.” Nice move Fessy. I applaud this. It was a way to please him, but protect yourself. What has me so frustrated is Josh wanting to go in so badly why the hell does it matter if he’s in Tribunal?

There’s no denominational value of being in Tribunal? So what is the point? If you want to go in so badly just tell the Tribunal you want to go in if you don’t get the house vote. I mean really, everyone has gotten a shot to go in and no one with a red skull has volunteered to go in, do you think they are going to start now? Even though I think that should have been the better strategy to this game is the red skull keepers going in and picking off those without the red skull to keep it to as little people as possible having a red skull. This season was too nice for me. Josh drops his barrel hoping that he can trust them both, immediately Fessy starts to cut the deal with Cory that he will pull Cory into Tribunal. I think this is a solid decision to pull Cory in, I think he wanted in to protect his friends. I mean if josh truly wants to go in he doesn’t need to be IN the Tribunal, he just needs to be sure the Tribunal will sends him in. I seriously struggle to see why it’s so important to him to be in the Tribunal? Fessy tells Cory “I got you bro,” and Cory drops his barrel. Fessy wins for the guys.

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Melissa is struggling with her barrel and Jenny is hanging out with her barrel like it’s easy work. Melissa drops here, Jenny wins for the girls. The guys are discussing who’s being pulled in for the third person. If you listen carefully you can hear TJ reporting himself trying to get Jenny and Fessy to pay attention while Josh is throwing his temper tantrum about being in the Tribunal. Fessy reassures him that he’s going to be the vote and Josh continues to demonstrate what a six foot tall toddler looks like for us viewers. Josh clearly missed Fessy telling him that he’d put him down there, he did not promise the Tribunal. Ugh Josh’s edit is making him look like he’s seriously annoying.

Jenny and Fessy have a bit of a disagreement on who to pull in. Fessy put up a bit of a battle to pull in Cory and made valid points on why it should be Cory. He also told Jenny that it’s on her if he doesn’t get pulled in. My husband and I had to pause it and discuss at this point cause he was upset Fessy didn’t stick to his guns more to get Cory in there. I see it this way; why continue to fight with Jenny when TJ is getting clearly annoyed at the amount of time they are taking? Also, fine pull in Josh but then Cory isn’t up for nominations. That way he’s still essentially protected because I think that is part of him wanting in the Tribunal, so he can protect his red skull. Let’s see if Josh really does want into Purgatory since Jenny gave him the Tribunal spot. Cory is rightfully annoyed given Fessy just told him he’d pull him in. Guess he forgot he’s not the only one making a decision on that? Tribunal has to pick two men and two women to interrogate for Purgatory after the house vote. Back to the bunker we go!

Nominations go as expected; Kyle and Bayleigh are going in. But this one was weird, they actually showed the cast members voting so it makes me wonder in the past when people nominated themselves did they actually vote? Why was this one different? Why did we see people actually voting did someone else want to go in? I doubt it, but again it is an inside look at just how quickly editing can change what we see. Malisa is nervous that she will also be thrown into Purgatory given that someone with a red skull is going to have to go in.

bayleigh kyle mtv challenge total madness

Fessy and Melissa are talking about who to throw in against Bayleigh and how a lot of the guys wouldn’t want to run a final with Aneesa. Fessy emphasizes the “if” when he speaks on the possibility of being paired in a final. Nelson is having a heart to heart with Aneesa and all the kudos to Nelson for being up front with her about what everyone is saying being her back. I’m not team Nelson, but I’m also not anti-Nelson but the man deserves some respect here for being real with her.

What better way to celebrate an emotionally charged day than to go to the bar? Nothing can go wrong right? Everyone is breaking apart and having their conversations. Fessy is explaining to Josh what he was wanting to do, Josh pretends to understand. Cory is mad cause he feels he had a win taken from him and doesn’t want to be up for nomination (cause who knows if Josh will really throws himself in) and Aneesa is trying to talk to Jenny. She just doesn’t want to be blindsided, can’t blame her there. Jenny viewers Aneesa as someone she wouldn’t mind running against in the final. Time to go back to the bunker.

Tribunal time. Cory’s name gets brought up and Fessy shut it down pretty quickly. Josh is adamantly saying he’s going to go in so it doesn’t matter who they pull in……. OK Josh. They decide on Nelson and Rogan. Onto the ladies, this one is going to be tougher. Josh throws Aneesa under the bus that has been careening towards her all episode. Ultimately it’s Aneesa and Melissa being pulled in for the ladies. Names up on the board and Nelson us annoyed. Don’t blame ya Nelson, with Josh in there it’s hard to know if you are truly safe or not. Rogan goes in first and makes it truly delightful to see him on the screen making jokes the whole time he’s in there. Nelson is up next and he’s trying to play it off with humor but receive knows he’s over being pulled in there. Josh tries to reassure us guys that he is going to be the one going into illumination but he has had numerous chances before to go in and hasn’t, he hasn’t even nominated himself for a houseboat so can these two guys really trust him? Next up is the ladies this is where it is going to be difficult for these three.

tribunal mtv total madness fessy josh jenny

Melissa is up first and drops the line of the night. Fessy starts with “I’m cool with Aneesa,” and before he can keep going Melissa drops “cool doesn’t win you a million dollars.” I literally did a cackle laugh out loud. They share a few more words and she’s done. Aneesa is up next and in my opinion Josh was a dick. He didn’t need to tell her he wouldn’t want to run a final with her. Not cool dude. Aneesa maintained her composure and made her points. I loved her pointing out people in their best shapes have died in a final. Some of them sure have Aneesa! Golf clap. She handled herself with class and departs, you can hear her voice crack as she says “love you too” and if your heart strings didn’t get tugged a little there, then I can’t help you. The Tribunal is torn.

Fessy and Cory are talking at the table and airing out their differences and how things played out. It is clear that they’re fine and even being playful with production when Cory tells Fessy to just look into the camera and admit it. Fessy breaks that wall and says “it might’ve been close.” He also does admit that Cory’s was much lighter than his. Cory half hugs him and says “that’s one strike for you sir.” They laugh it off. We get our weekly montage of workouts before the alarm goes off for Purgatory. Melissa gives a confessional about there being a 50-50 chance that she could go in and get math is correct on this versus Nelson’s earlier this season. I don’t see her going in with how Aneesa heavy this episode was. Aneesa’s confessional she says she’s got a gut feeling she’s going in. And we’re off to Purgatory.  

Fessy and Cory total madness mtv the challenge

Walking into Purgatory the cast is looking at the cars and the ropes and Josh is looking scared. Is he actually going to go in? Everyone is wondering what it is? They vote in the women first. Fessy votes for Melissa, Jenny votes for Aneesa. It comes down to Josh. He delivers a ho-hum speech and votes for Aneesa. There’s some smiles from some of the cast. TJ states Aneesa is “one the winningest players.” I don’t fully agree but ok TJ. Bayleigh says Aneesa is underestimated, that’s debatable. More experienced? Yes, I’ll give her that one. Next up is who is going to face Kyle? Holy schnikes! Josh actually goes in! Nelson made my whole house laugh when he says “he hasn’t won an elimination since he started the Challenge.” Nelson is on fire this episode. 

Knots of War is the game and Kyle is not excited about it. Players take the rope and create as many knots as they can maneuvering around the car, through the car, and inside the car in fifteen minutes. Players then have to untangle their opponents knots. I knew who was going to win both heats as soon as TJ explained it.

Purgatory episode 14 knot elimination mtv challenge total madness

Up first are the women. Both Aneesa and Bayleigh put in good work and both looked pretty gassed after creating their knots. In the end Bayleigh wins. Aneesa is going home just shy of a final again.

Next us the men. I was team Kyle all the way through this elim, first pumping and all. Loved every time I heard Aneesa cheering on Kyle. Yes girl, instant karma is coming. Kyle is listening to Melissa as she’s trying to help him make some serious knots. They finish and Kyle’s looks much more difficult than Josh’s. Clearly Josh’s was easier to untangle as Kyle crushed it. Josh didn’t stand a chance. But hey, at least he went in like he said he was going to. Red skulls to Kyle and Bayleigh. 

Did anyone catch TJ telling Aneesa about seeing her again but didn’t say it to Josh? They depart and TJ praises beating Aneesa, then tells Kyle he beat a guy that cries a lot. Up until this moment I thought Melissa had the line of the episode, TJ about took that from her!